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Our Affiliation 

Shalom Restoration Fellowship is affiliated with Tikkun Ministries, a Global Messianic Family of congregations and ministries dedicated to revival and restoration of Israel and the Church to it's Biblical Jewish roots and a deeper understanding of the Jewish roots of the faith.

Tikkun Ministries participates in the establishment of new Messianic congregations and cooperates with other restoration networks which pursue the unity of the Church.


TIKKUN AMERICA: A Messianic network equipping, encouraging and training leaders and emerging leaders. Tikkun endeavors to align with apostolic and prophetic networks and  the Messianic remnant of believers in Yeshua toward the Global advancement of the Kingdom of God. 

REVIVE ISRAEL / TIKKUN GLOBAL: A global family contending for revival and restoration from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to the ends of the earth and back again. I AM WITH ISRAEL: The humanitarian arm of Revive Israel | Tikkun Global, which seeks to financially strengthen various ministry initiatives in the land of Israel through evangelism, discipleship, humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

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